A perfect combination


Star Remedies flower essences are prepared from wild plants and flowers found both in The Netherlands and in the rest of the world. As well as the traditional flower essences, four essences are made from non-plant materials such as gemstones.

Star Remedies flower essences are made in complete tranquillity and with the fullest possible intent towards the flower. This allows the flower to transfer its full potential to the mineral water. The same applies to essences created from non-plant materials.

Whilst Star Remedies are prepared using the same method developed by Dr. Edward Bach to make his essences, they are not traditional Bach flower remedies.

Star Remedies have been prepared by Madeleine and Micha Meuwessen since 1999. Development is a very important aspect of preparing new essences aimed at helping mankind. These developments enable Star Remedies to move with the new times while at the same time upholding the old traditions. Change is the only constant. Pureness is a key property of Star Remedies. The essences are made with complete dedication and in dialogue with the flowers. This creates a powerful synergy which results in pure essences. Purity is essential for essences. Purity flows throughout essences which have been produced out of synergy between creator and plant.

In combination with the 7 Essentials; both Star Remedies and the 7 Essentials maximizes their full potential in creating a better emotional wellbeing for all mankind.