For mankind


The 7 Essentials are special remedies. They work on a spiritual level. For comparison: flower remedies include the frequency of the blossoms of which they are made. They work on an emotional level. The 7 Essentials on the other hand work on a spiritual level, a level that's about awareness and the direct primal source. Micha made them, rather than for individuals but for humanity. He saw that earlier civilizations, which knew the world, disappeared suddenly; we as human beings could learn so much about how we should deal with the world. He was still young when he saw the real condition the world in is, that man hardly knows any inner and outer civilization.

The 7 Essentials will bring man back to the foundations of humanity, of which both civilization and inner wisdom are part off, but also knowledge since it is omnipresence; you just need to give this information a physical form. Omniscient knowledge. In comparison to our present knowledge described as plastic or fake. The essences are about the truth. One of the reasons of administering the 7 Essentials to a client or yourself is different than the flower remedies. You don't take it in order to work on an individual problem or emotion, no, this will work on restoring the value where mankind stands for.

The 7 Essentials are very suitable for those who have passed on to work or take the regular flower essences. Or for someone that know he has an inner wisdom but seems not be able to access or develop that. Although these are some of the examples. The 7 Essentials are essences that focus on the inner intuition of which you consider that every living humanbeing walks his or her of path of life. When taking the 7 Essentials you will experience the beneficial properties in order for mankind to develop oneselves or the people around us.