SEVEN ESSENTIALS - Locations around the world

Essential 1 - Machu Pichu

Inner wisdom

Machu Picchu is known from the Incas and the Palenche Indians. The Western world tends to condemn these people to their way of sacrifice, but it's better to open our eyes and see their great wisdom. They lived in a vast inhospitable area. The journey towards it is very heavy. The Indians have built Machu Picchu, had only a limited amount of resources at their disposal, but nevertheless they managed to create a thriving civilization. They even had running water! It is a very sacred and powerful place. These people had an inner wisdom, as we have today, unfortunately not because we know so far from our inner encyclopedia have drifted. This inner wisdom will, that you can survive.

Essential 2 - Taj Mahal

Inner compassion

This building has long been a favorite object for couples. It is actually a mausoleum of one of the rulers of India for his deceased wife. It symbolizes the enormous amount of love and passion he had for her and materialized in the Taj Mahal. It was clear for Micha, he had to make an essences of this building. Humanity needs compassion and understanding for others. Nowadays impatience, hatred and envy dominates. It shows not only at the global or national level, but can also be recognized in corporate cultures. Let's have more compassion for each other!

Essential 3 - Uluru

Inner compassion

Uluru (Ayers Rock) in central Australia, the most holy place for Aborigines. It is the place where their ancestors live. In fact it's forbidden to climb but unfortunately many tourists neglect this rule. For Aborigines the essence of the rock is that they are convinced their ancestors will return to the earth and will regain contact. The Aborigines are very wise people. Unfortunately, that wisdom has been misunderstood by the Western world what resulted that aboriginals had to be re-educated to gain " white" thoughts and behaviors. Originally the aboriginals have been living on and with the land; they have enormous respect for all living things. Essential 3 represents the place where the connection to all living beings come together. Essential 2 also represents for connection but more focused on compassion. Essential 3 allows you to realize that you are not alone but always in touch with everyone everywhere. Uluru is a very large single rock in the middle of nowhere but again totally connected to all.

Essential 4 - Chichén Itzá

Inner civilization

Like Machu Picchu this involves the Incas and Palenche Indians. The Incas were so much further ahead of their time than we currently are. Healing, education, construction and power generation. They had a deep inner culture and knew how they could run a civilization the best possible way. The inner civilization is built from the culture they had and the know-how everything was fraught with civilization.

Essential 5 - Easter Island

Inner dedication

The indigenous population of Easter Island are the Rapa Nui. The island was used to be filled with coconut palm trees which brought forth abundance to the island. The population of the Rapa Nui grew larger and their culture was characterized by worshiping their ancestors. They made colossal statues of which the island is full of. Each statue symbolizes the inner devotion so great that this caused the population to become extinct. Most of the statues are four meters high, one of them is even fourteen meters tall. They weigh about ten tons. Dedication is typical of what this island stands for. In our society most people work primarily to earn money and they have no further commitment. Essential 5 has been made to bring upon an swith in this way of acting and thinking.

Essential 6 - Giza Pyramids

Inner survival and willpower

The peculiarity of the Egyptians is that they have survived very long in an environment that is not really conducive for building pyramids. They placed them in the middle of nowhere. During construction, the people took their food away from the banks of Nile, the Nile was known for its high food yields. The overall survival characterizes is their enormous power, a real 'willpower'. Thousands of years later, the pyramids remain, they are aligned with the stars of a constellation. They are powerful examples of inner survival and willpower. They give people inner survival strength. This is not to survive on, so to speak, dry bread. No, this is a mental thing that comes to perseverance!

Essential 7 - Atlantis

Inner evolution

- Love and respect for all living things
- Was created by combining all six Essentials energetically
- Experience: shake loose what was caught on a deep level in terms of emotions and patterns.
Micha made this remedy because it is no longer possible to physically visit Atlantis, because this empire has sunk to the depths of the ocean. It was once an utopia on earth, where no war, hatred or other negative statements were. The population had experienced an inner evolution, making these negative "aspects" obsolete. By combining the 6 other Essentials Micha knew he has encountered Atlantis. He describes it with the following example: At every stage of your life you are in another room, but first you'll have to arrange the rooms before you're able to open the next door. Sometimes people cannot find that door, but with the help of Essential 7 you can speed up that process and start developing yourself.